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Putting Love Into Action

Sponsored by the Ignatian Service Learning and Engagement department, the "Putting Love in Action" Symposium, which took place from April 29 to May 3, has concluded a week-long exploration into themes deeply rooted in St. Ignatius' call to connect faith with justice and Fr. Arrupe's invitation to help center a Jesuit education on being women and men for others. Throughout the event, 38 distinguished speakers, 13 Ignatian Service Learning student class presentations, and over 144 Theology class periods were organized, providing a broad array of discussions and insights on social issues, service, and the pursuit of justice.
This year's symposium showcased a diverse array of voices, including artists, professors, and leaders from the legal and non-profit sectors, who shared their expertise and perspectives on a wide range of topics. From violence prevention to advocacy for adults with disabilities, mental health awareness to responses to food insecurity and affordable housing challenges, discussions encapsulated the breadth and depth of societal concerns that demand attention and action. Notably, many of the speakers were alumni, who shared their journey of putting love into action beyond the confines of academia. Each alumnus/alumna offered a unique perspective on how they embody Fr. Arrupe's call to be women and men for others in their respective fields. Other speakers included staff and leaders from the various community partners involved in the Arrupe Service program, all highlighting the enduring impact of Loyola Academy's mission.

Students in Ignatian Service Learning classes actively participated in the symposium through various presentations, including panel discussions, poster exhibitions, and creative showcases. Student-led panel discussions delved into pressing questions surrounding social justice, challenging assumptions and perspectives on issues like systemic inequality. Additionally, students from Environmental Science and related courses showcased their innovative projects aimed at addressing environmental challenges, demonstrating a commitment to practical solutions grounded in scholarship.

The symposium's focus on creative expression provided a platform for students to engage emotionally and intellectually with social justice issues through art, poetry, and multimedia presentations. This emphasis underscored the importance of holistic approaches to addressing complex societal problems, inviting participants to explore these issues from multiple perspectives.

Throughout the symposium, a central theme emerged: the imperative of putting love into action. Participants reflected on the transformative power of compassion and empathy in driving meaningful change, inspired by Fr. Arrupe's timeless message. As the event concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to effecting positive change in their communities and beyond, embodying the collaborative, empathetic, and inclusive spirit necessary for building a better world for all.

Symposium Speakers:
Phil Andrew '85, PAX Group, LLC
Matt Bodett, Art, Madness, and Social Justice
Eddy F. Borrayo ‘94, Rincon Family Service
Robbie Boudreau, Faith in Action volunteer
Bridget Brown, Advocating for Adults with Disabilities
Nancy Brown, Advocating for Adults with Disabilities
Geana Connelly, Misericordia
Julie Droste, North Shore Senior Center
Jennifer Franco, St. Thomas of Canterbury Soup Kitchen
Mirka Gallo ‘13, Heartland Alliance
Alex Gambacorta '14, Education Preparedness Program, Marquette University
Jalisa Holifield, Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County
Jesse Hoyt, ONE Northside
Jessica Kueck, Refugee Community Connection
Elise Larsen, Special Gifts Theater
Jessica Levine, Youth Services of Glenview & Northbrook
Sister Donna Liette, Precious Blood Ministry
Cynthia Mazariegos Fernandez ‘03, Grupo REU Law Firm LLC
Keith McCormick, Well of Mercy
Shiva Mohsenzadeh, Northfield Township Food Pantry
Kathleen Molnar, Sarah’s Circle
Maggie Nash, Jocelyn Center
Vida Opoku, Refugee Story
Cynthia Phon, North Shore Senior Center
Jari Ramos-Orbe, Care for Real
Christopher Torres, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Robert Torres, Parents for Peace and Justice
Mary Kate Vanecko ‘13, Box United
Mike Waters, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Jamie Weller, Our Place
Dr. Darren Wheelock, Education Preparedness Program

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