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Clavius Scholars

A Call to the Magis

The Clavius Scholars Honors Program is an enrichment program designed to enhance the curriculum of Loyola’s most gifted and motivated students. Created in 2007, the Clavius Scholars Honors Program prepares Loyola graduates for admission to the finest universities in the world by focusing on their interest in science and math. The program works to form students with a critical appreciation of the scientific process and inquiry. Worthy of its Jesuit ideals, the Clavius Scholars Program calls students to approach their studies as analytical learners, to maximize the use of their talents, to actively serve others in need of those talents, and to consider the environmental and social impact of their actions.

Program Overview

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  • Criteria for Admission

    Students may apply for admission to the Clavius Scholars at the end of their first semester of freshman year. Candidates must have an unweighted grade average of 90% or better, they must be enrolled in at least four honors level courses for the sophomore year, and they must complete an extensive application process.
  • Interdisciplinary Field Trips

    Throughout the school year, the Clavius Scholars attend field trips offered only to participants in the program. Students enjoy visits to local museums, laboratories, and environmental field experiences such as Museum of Science and Industry, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and canoe rides down the Chicago River. The program also invites guest speakers to address the Clavius and Dumbach Scholars at Loyola on topics ranging from acts of heroism to crises of social and environmental justice.
  • The Call to Serve

    Throughout their three years in the program, Clavius Scholars involve themselves in the community by performing at least 50 hours of service. This service is done through the Arrupe Service Program and other service opportunities.
  • The Clavius Curriculum

    Clavius Scholars attend their classes along with students that are not participating in the program. They must maintain a 90% unweighted grade average and be enrolled in a minimum of four courses at the Honors or AP level during the regular school year. As the focus of the program is on science and math, Clavius Scholars are required to take AP Statistics, four consecutive years of Math and at least one AP Science course before graduation. Additional summer reading is also required. The sample program below is an example only. Clavius Scholars may take other course sequences. 


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    Ms. Ann Michels 

    (847) 920-2749

Clavius Program Curriculum

Freshman Year

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Sophomore Year

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Junior Year

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Senior Year

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