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Report Absences or Late Arrival—847.920.2707
Parents and students are reminded of the importance of student attendance at all classes during the school day. If your student is absent or late, the parent or guardian must notify the school between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. A phone call is required every day of the absence.

Requests to excuse students for medical appointments during the school day must be verified by medical personnel, in writing, in order to be classified as an excused absence. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary sanctions. 

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  • Photo of Alexandra Cruz

    Dr. Alexandra Cruz 

    Dean of Students
    (847) 920-2456
  • Photo of Aaron Hamilton

    Mr. Aaron Hamilton 

    Assistant Dean of Students
    (847) 920-2457
  • Photo of Michael Hengelmann

    Mr. Michael Hengelmann 00

    Assistant Dean of Students
    (847) 920-2455
  • Photo of Kevin Kilmer

    Mr. Kevin Kilmer 87

    Assistant Dean for Safety and Security
    (847) 920-2446
  • Photo of Corry Braasch

    Mrs. Corry Braasch 

    (847) 920-2451

Policies and Regulations

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  • Dress Code Requirements

    To promote and maintain an environment of scholarship, self-respect, discipline and community, we ask that all students report to school each day well-groomed and attired in clothing that is modest and in accordance with Loyola's dress code. Our dress code will be enforced starting on Thursday, August 19. Students are required to wear traditional classic-cut or relaxed-fit chino khaki dress slacks and LoyolaWear shirts with the Loyola Academy seal. Please note that "skinny style" pants do not comply with the dress code. Shoes must be worn during the school day. No sandals or boots are permitted. Young men must be clean-shaven and their hair length should not be below the shirt collar.

    Questions regarding availability of LoyolaWear should be directed to LoyolaWear Store Manager, Ms. Lisa Lovcik at 847.920.2486 or
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  • Information on Student Attendance

    A parent or guardian must call 847.920.2707 (between 7:15 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.) to report an absence, late arrival or early dismissal. A phone call is required for each day of absence.

    Regular daily attendance is the key to student success. Our policy allows students to accrue eight unexcused absences in each course during a semester. Students who exceed eight "unexcused" absences in a semester may result in a withdrawal with an F. Please note that the following absences are considered "excused" absences: sick with doctor's documentation, an accident, a death in the family, Loyola retreats, Dean's pre-approved college visits and approved school-sponsored cocurricular activities.

    Additionally, in an effort to improve accuracy in recording and tracking student absences, the codes that appear in onCampus next to an absence indicate whether or not the absence is excused or if it counts toward the eight "unexcused" absences the student is allowed to accrue each semester. Our OnCampus recording system allows for improved tracking and better communication regarding daily attendance. If you have questions, please contact Dean of Students Alexandra Cruz at

    Please review the information below regarding student attendance:
    • A doctor's note should be sent within 48 hours of a student's absence. Notes can be faxed to 847.920.2401; emailed to, or; or hand-delivered to the Dean's Office.
    • Students arriving late to school must report to the Dean’s Office before going to class.
    • Students leaving early from school must report to the Dean’s Office before departing. If a student arrives 20 or more minutes late for any class, he or she will be marked absent from that class.
    For additional information on this new policy, please click here.

    Please refer to the student handbook for all attendance policies.

    * Effective March 11, 2020 
    Given the rising health concerns in our community, we are making a change to our Sick Day Policy. Do not send your student to school if he or she is sick. Absences due to illness, including fever-related absences, will be recorded as an Excused Absence with a doctor's note.  Teachers will work with students to create a plan to make up missed work. 

    We strongly encourage our students to stay home if they are ill.   Amending our policy aims to support this statement.      
  • Drop Off and Pick Up of Ramblers

    Parents dropping off students before school should enter the parking lot from Laramie Avenue at the southern end of the south lot (Lot D) and proceed north along the west side of the stadium to the dual drop-off lanes to unload passengers. Students will enter the building either through Door #1 (main entrance) or Door #6 (Piazza entrance). Afterward, parents should continue north toward the school and turn west to exit onto Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking to the school building and follow the direction of the traffic control aides along the route and at the driveway to Laramie Avenue.
    The route for pick-up along the west side of the stadium is similar to drop off. Parents should proceed to the northernmost available position to wait for students. Vehicles are to queue in two lanes along the entire length of the stadium. Parents should remain in their vehicles and move up in the queue as vehicles pick up students and depart. After picking up students, proceed north to the school and west to Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking through the area and follow directions from the traffic control aides along the route.
    Due to the construction of our Performing Arts Center, drop off and pick up in the north lot (Lot A) off of Illinois Road just east of Frontage Road at the northeast corner of the school is NOT available.
    Please view this map for more information.
    Important to note: Our longtime agreement with our neighbors prohibits drop-off and pick-up on all other side streets, including Forest, Walnut, Elmwood and Greenwood Avenues, Manor Drive and Illinois Road.
  • Entrance and Exit Policy for the 2021–22 School Year

    For the health, safety and security of our entire community and due to current construction, access to Loyola Academy will be limited to two doors. These doors are numbered on the inside and outside of the school building.

    They are:
    • Door #1 — Main entrance (west side of the school at the flag pole)
    • Door #6 — Piazza entrance (south side of school across from Sachs Stadium)
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  • Electronic Device Policy

    All students are required to have an iPad for school use. Students can utilize cell phones for educational purposes only. Teachers will inform students when they require use of the cell phone as an educational tool. Please reference the Technology Use Policy section of the Student Handbook for details on responsible use of devices.
  • Food and Beverage Policy

    No food and/or beverage deliveries for students are permitted during the school day under any circumstances. All attempts by outside vendors and third-party delivery services to deliver food will be denied by Loyola's front desk staff. Staff at the primary entryways will not receive food or beverages from anyone. The cost of a failed delivery will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Parent/Visitor Entrance Policy

    For the safety of all students, parents and visitors will be required to enter the school exclusively through the main entrance (Door #1) or the Piazza entrance (Door #6), presenting a photo ID at the security desk to receive a visitor's pass. From 6:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. parents and adults will only be permitted to enter through the main entrance.
  • Parking Regulations

    Beginning April 1, 2021, only senior students will be allowed to park on campus providing a parking application was completed. All students must abide by the following parking rules and regulations.
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  • Visitor Parking Permits

    All visitors are asked to obtain a Visitor's Parking Permit from the security desk in the main lobby or Piazza. You are invited to store the permit in your car to use on subsequent visits to Loyola Academy. We ask all Loyola students, faculty, staff and visitors to park in a legal parking spot in the lot whenever it is available. Those who choose to utilize Visitor Parking in the drop off/pick up lanes may not park before 8:30 a.m. and must move their vehicles by 2:30 p.m. at the latest. Security personnel in the main lobby can direct you where to park if you need assistance. If you are issued a ticket in error, please contact the Dean’s Office at 847.920.2707.

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