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A Jesuit College Preparatory Experience

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the 2019–20 year is $17,275. The first billing for all four plans is July 1 with the first payment due July 15.

Loyola Academy offers 4 payment plans:

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  • Annual

    1 Installment
    • $17,275 due July 15
  • Semi Annual

    2 installments
    • $8,637.50 due on July 15
    • $8,637.50 due on January 15
  • Quarterly

    4 installments
    • $4,318.75 due on July 15
    • $4,318.75 due on October 15
    • $4,318.75 due on January 15
    • $4,318.75 due on April 15
  • Monthly

    10 installments
    • $1,727.50 due on July 15
    • $1,727.50 due on August 15
    • $1,727.50 due on September 15
    • $1,727.50 due on October 15
    • $1,727.50 due on November 15
    • $1,727.50 due on December 15
    • $1,727.50 due on January 15
    • $1,727.50 due on February 15
    • $1,727.50 due on March 15
    • $1,727.50 due on April 15

Tuition Fees

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Financial Aid

Loyola Academy has long been committed to providing a Jesuit education to a broad range of students from diverse economic backgrounds. We draw students from over 70 Chicago-area zip codes.

Subject to the outcome of the admissions process, we want your child to be a part of the tradition of this vibrant school. It is important, therefore, to assure you that Loyola Academy will underwrite any demonstrated financial need through our tuition assistance program.

This school year Loyola Academy is awarding almost $4 million in scholarships based on financial need. The recipients of these awards are as diverse as our student body. There is no standard formula for determining an award. Each case is considered individually. We have made awards to families with no means of support and to families with six-figure incomes.

The average award this year was $8,000. The size of the awards have varied from $1,000 to full tuition. Where our recipients live is equally varied. They live in Chicago and over twenty-five suburbs including Niles, Evanston, Highland Park, Glenview, Park Ridge, Wilmette and Winnetka, to name a few.

Contact Us

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  • Photo of Julia Biasco

    Ms. Julia Biasco 

    Director of Tuition and Financial Aid
    (847) 920-2427

References For You

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  • Tuition Policy

    As a private school, Loyola Academy relies extensively on tuition to fund its operations. Consequently, it is essential that those responsible for paying a student’s tuition do so on a timely basis in accordance with their selected tuition payment plan.

    If, after selecting a payment plan, a parent or guardian encounters unanticipated financial difficulty, it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to notify the Business Office as soon as possible to discuss an alternative payment plan.

    Failure to pay tuition in accordance with a parent’s or guardian’s selected tuition plan can result in serious repercussions for the student. If a student’s parent or guardian has an outstanding balance from a previous year, the student and any siblings will not be able to enroll and attend class until the outstanding balance is paid. If a student’s parent or guardian has not made a tuition payment prior to the start of school, the student and any siblings will not be able to enroll or attend class until the outstanding balance is paid. If tuition becomes delinquent during the school year, the student will be allowed to attended classes and sit for exams up until the end of the semester in which the delinquency occurs. However, the student will not earn credit for his or her coursework until the delinquent tuition owed to Loyola Academy is paid by the student’s parent or guardian. Also, while the student’s tuition remains delinquent, the student will not be able to participate in interscholastic athletics or other cocurriculars such as theater, dance or student council. Finally, if delinquent tuition is not paid by the end of the semester, the student will be required to withdraw from Loyola Academy.

    In cases where the student is required to withdraw, the student’s official transcript will remain incomplete and will not be released until the outstanding tuition balance is satisfied. Additionally, while seniors with delinquent tuition balances will be allowed to participate in graduation exercises, they will not receive a diploma until their delinquent tuition balance or any outstanding fees are paid. Also, a senior's final and official transcript will remain incomplete and will not be released until his or her delinquent tuition balance and any outstanding fees are paid. In addition, this policy applies to unreturned library books, athletic equipment or any other property of Loyola Academy.

    If you have any questions regarding our tuition policy, please feel free to contact Director of Tuition and Financial Aid Ms. Julia Biasco at 847.920.2427.
  • Applying for Financial Aid

    Applying for financial aid requires the submission of forms to both Smart Aid and Loyola Academy. Please be sure to follow these steps to ensure your application is complete:

    Please note that the deadlines for submitting completed Financial Aid applications are very important (check the Financial Aid FAQs for more information). Applications submitted after the deadline may not be able to be processed since budgeted funds may no longer be available.
    • Submit an application to Smart Aid. [Online application] There is a $20 application fee.
    • Submit copies of your most recent W-2 and tax forms by mail to SmartAid.
    • Complete Loyola's Financial Aid Application and mail it along with copies of your most recent tax return.
    • Families that meet the criteria, must also complete the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship application. Additional information is available here.

    Sallie Mae Loans

    The Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan lets families make monthly payments toward their children's private education. For more information on these loans, please visit the Sallie Mae website.

Our Mission

To form women and men for meaningful lives of leadership and service in imitation of Jesus Christ through a college preparatory education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.
Loyola Academy admits students of any race, color and national origin or ethnic origin.