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Academic Resources

Loyola Academy offers numerous academic support programs including the O’Shaughnessy, Magis and peer tutoring programs.  We provide additional help to all Loyola students in the areas of math, science and writing.  We support students who need limited accommodations to be successful in a college preparatory high school.  Our goal is to promote an active learning environment that ensures success for all Loyola students beyond the classroom.

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  • Math Lab

    The Math Lab is an integral resource for all Loyola students who need short-term assistance with their current Math class. The Math Lab is a place where students with specific questions on homework, quizzes and tests can get the help they need to be more successful and comfortable with mathematics.

    The math lab is located in the Academic Drop-in Center, room 84. It is available for drop-in support 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and during lunch/flex periods every day.
  • Science Lab

    The Science Lab is an integral resource intended to provide short-term support to students. Science support is a resource where students with specific questions on homework, classwork, labs, projects, quizzes and tests can get the help they need to be more successful and comfortable with science. The Lab is staffed with Loyola science teachers.

    The science lab is located in the Academic Drop0-in Center, room 84 and is open Monday to Friday, during lunch periods.
  • Writing Lab

    The Writing Lab is an available resource for all Loyola students who need assistance with the writing process in any content-area class. The Writing Lab can help students hone their writing skills as they work on any class assignment - from creating a thesis to embedding research and textual evidence, from organizing information to finalizing an introduction or conclusion. 

    The Writing Lab is located in the Academic Drop-in Center, room 84 and is open Monday through Friday, periods 1, 4 and 7.

If you have any questions, please contact

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  • Photo of Christopher Penna

    Mr. Christopher Penna 

    Assistant Principal for Student Success
    (847) 920-2442

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  • O'Shaughnessy Program

    The O’Shaughnessy Program serves freshman and sophomore students who would benefit from improving literacy and learning skills in order to succeed in a college preparatory environment. Admission to the program is based on entrance exam scores, junior high standardized test scores, junior high academic performance and/or psycho-educational testing. Incoming freshmen who are admitted into the O'Shaughnessy Program are required to successfully complete a summer school course in literacy and learning prior to freshman year. Depending on test scores, some incoming freshmen may also be required to complete Algebra 1 during the summer.

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  • Peer Tutoring

    Peer Tutoring is available to any Loyola Academy student who is struggling with academics. Tutoring is available for all subjects. An extensive review of research and literature regarding the use of peer tutors in secondary education found the benefits include higher class and final exam grades, improved attendance and improved long-term retention of material learned. Tutoring improves both the tutor’s and the student’s skills as it requires attention, motivation, review of existing knowledge and skills. Tutoring is available on a drop-in or continuous basis depending on student needs.
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  • Magis Program

    This program is an intensive, short-term intervention for students in academic crisis. The goal of the program is to help students acquire the organizational and academic skills needed to be successful as independent learners.
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  • Library

    The mission of Loyola Academy's Library is to ensure that students develop proficiency in utilizing a variety of print and digital resources to advance their own thinking, learning and understanding. To support students as they navigate our collection of print and electronic books, digital magazine subscriptions and online databases, the library provides tools such as research assistance and class instruction.
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