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Ramblers Volunteer in the 2024 Illinois Primary Elections

On Tuesday, March 19, 50 Loyola Academy political science students served as election judges in the Illinois primary elections in locations across Chicago and suburban Cook County. Before heading out to polling locations, these Ramblers completed a four hour training session. Other students volunteered to work for various campaigns, clocking a minimum of twenty hours, keeping a log, and writing a reflection about what they learned.
"This is a great experience for our students because not only does it give them hands-on experience of our electoral process, but it gives them the opportunity to serve our community and live our Catholic mission," explained Social Studies Teacher Mark McGuire '06 who, along with Social Studies Teacher Mike Barry, coordinated opportunities for Loyola students to get involved.

Rambler Reflections
"It was an honor to serve as an election judge in this 2024 primary election! I am confident to say that I am more knowledgeable about how elections function and I was pleased to contribute to the overall fluidity. I owe it to Mr. McGuire and the Loyola curriculum for allowing me to fulfill my civic responsibilities even before being of age to vote. I am grateful for this experience!" – Simone Abbasi '25

"Participating in the often tedious processes of running an election made me appreciate all the work that goes into ensuring my right to vote." – Katie Hussmann '24

"It was interesting to see the different attitudes of voting. There were a lot more people than I expected that really appreciated the ability to vote and shared how happy they were to do so. Additionally, people liked sharing their own campaigning stories with me and their views on voter turnout or their predictions for the election." – Milannia Martin-Hayes '24

"While volunteering I got to meet tons of new people who gave me new perspectives and insights on our country's political system." – Max Rice '24

"This experience has augmented my appreciation of the United States as being the greatest country in the world. It is a blessing to live in a country in which you can personally contribute to that greatness." – Nick Schallmo '24

"I learned a lot from Election Day. Being at the polling place, and learning all of the ins and outs of what goes into play for an election to run smoothly was interesting to see. It was also great to be able to vote. Being able to create connections with the other judges was also great. Although I was there for just under 16 hours, it went surprisingly quickly." – Abby Summerhill '24

"From my work as an election judge, I learned how careful our elections are to ensure safe and accurate results. I saw how voters cannot influence the voting place through the prevention of electioneering, and how election judges aren't allowed to see a voter's ballot. The other election judges and voters were very grateful for my help as an election judge and that I was helping to promote the good aspects of our country, in this case the right to vote and free elections." – Jeremiah Devine '24

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