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Winter Orchestra Concert

The Winter Orchestra Concert took place on Thursday, March 7, in Loyola Academy's Leemputte Family Theater and featured the combined orchestras performing music composed by Stephen Sanchez, Alan Menken, Hayley Williams, and more.
The program for the concert was as follows:

Beginning Guitars
"Until I Found You" by Stephen Sanchez, arr. P. Rustandi
Billy Cadigan, bass guitar; Bill Brandstrader '88, drums

Guitar Ensemble
"In My Life" by The Beatles, arr. Derek Hasted
"Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Lights Orchestra, arr. Derek Hasted

Combined Orchestras
"Still Into You" by Hayley Williams, arr. Michael Story
Alice Mihailov, pianist; Bill Brandstrader '88, drums

"The Little Mermaid" by Alan Menken, arr. Larry Moore
("Part of Your World", "Under the Sea", "Kiss the Girl")
Yianna Drossos, pianist; Bill Brandstrader '88, drums

"Take 5" by Paul Demond, arr. Bob Cerulli
Alice Mihailov, pianist; Bill Brandstrader '88, drums; Zach Roth, guitar soloist

"Waltz nr. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra" by Dmitri Shostakovich, arr. Paul
David Goetz, pianist; Bill Brandstrader '88, drums

"Liebestraum nr. 3" by Franz Liszt
Jack McBrearty, piano soloist

"Piano Trio in G major, Rondo:Presto" by Franz G. Haydn
Sofia Chen, violin; Sam Cho, cello; Bill Brandstrader ’88, drums

"Brandenburg Concerto nr. 3, mvt. 1" by J.S. Bach, arr. Merle J. Isaac
Francis Tamayo, pianist

Congratulations to the following student musicians:

Combined Orchestras
Violin 1
*Sofia Chen, concertmaster
*Bella Licudine, asst. concertmaster
*Bria Licudine
*Merianne Garcia
Joan Goaly
^Jack Ehlert
^Analia Romero-Lorenzo
^Kasani Guerra
^Claire Montalvan

Violin 2
*Francesca Wildi, principal violin 2
*Emma Hernandez
*James Brumwell
^Grace Martin
^Emelia D'Anniballe

Violin 3
^Joshua Mannancheril, principal violin 3
^Lena Barhoumeh
^Ruth Duressa
^Tran Pham
Kally Assefa
Mercy Andualme

*Leo Salach, principal viola
^Graham Mertzlufft
^Alex Baykov
^Lieselle Curry
Nemi Berhanu
Jana Okere

*Sam Cho, principal cello
*Audrey Johnston
^Jonathan Hardi
Princess Ezenwane

*Louie Glunz, principal Bass
^Andrew Belmonte-Russo
^Billy Cadigan
Bass Guitar
Zach Roth
Billy Cadigan

*Daniel Blanchard - "Piano Trio in G major, Rondo:Presto"
*Francis Tamayo – "Brandenburg Concerto nr. 3, mvt. 1"
*Jack McBrearty – "Liebestraum nr. 3"
Yianna Drossos - "The Little Mermaid"
^David Goetz - "Waltz nr. 2"
^Alice Mihailov - "Still Into You" & "Take 5"

Bill Brandstrader '88

Guitar Ensemble
Peter Alshouse
Sam Aznato
Evan Clancy
Naffy Okbamichael
J.D. Rodriguez
Zach Roth
Oscar Vazquez
Ellie Vehovsky

Beginning Guitars
Natalia Adamczk
Charles Arnold
Devon Brunner
Andrew Burden
Lauren Clark
Nora Clifford
Erin Detlefsen
Luke Downey
Paige Engels
Shannon Hendrick
Thomas Holecek
Maddie Horan
Patrick Juozaitis
Mary Kasten
Joseph Keane
Harrison Kriston
Eleanor Larsen
Olivia Maksud
Sofia Marino
Avery McBreen
Jack McGrath
Margaret McGovern
Isabella Meccia
Noah Moreno
Tess Naselli
David Off
Meile Roberts
Sam Ryan
Christopher Sipe
Eve Swaim
Maureen Sullivan
A.J. Tomaska
Ann Walsh
Matthew Woodward
Zack Zettek

* Denotes Honors Orchestra students
^ Denotes Symphony Orchestra students
    • 3.7.2024 Winter Orchestra Concert

      3.7.2024 Winter Orchestra Concert

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