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Results from DECA Regionals

On Friday, January 26, 28 Ramblers represented Loyola at the DECA regional competition. This is the first year that Loyola has been a part of the DECA program. Students participated in a number of solo events, like Personal Finance Literacy and Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and partner events, including Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making, Hospitality Team Decision Making, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
Students could medal from their test scores, two role plays, or overall. Congratulations to the following students who medaled at DECA regionals:

  • Yianna Drossos '27 (Principles of Business Management and Administration) - second overall, second for role play #2, third for test scores
  • Barbara Tobin-Tornwall '25 (Principles of Business Management and Administration) - third overall, first for role play #2
  • Ariana Mogollon '27 (Principles of Finance) - third overall, second for role play #1, first for role play #2
  • Anna Ronai '27 (Principles of Finance) - first overall, first for role play #1
  • AJ Tomaska '24 (Principles of Finance) - third for role play #1, third for test
  • Daphne Christopolous '26 (Principles of Hospitality and Tourism) - second for test
  • Alexandra Delgado '25 (Principles of Marketing) - second overall, third for test, second for role play #2
  • Colleen Miehl '25 (Principles of Marketing) - third overall, third for role play #2
  • Emilia Nelson '26 (Principles of Marketing) - first overall, first for test, first for role play #1
  • Jacqueline Renken '27 (Principles of Marketing) - second for test
  • Grace Lynch '25 and Jane Lynch '25 (Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making) - first overall, first for role play #2
  • Lucy Rossman '26 and Molly Robson '26 (Financial Analysis Team Decision Making) - 1st and 3rd for testing, third overall

DECA is moderated by Social Studies Teachers Ms. Nicole Roman and Vice President of Finance & Operations Mr. Dan Peterson '79 and meets before school on Tuesday mornings. Rambler parents Marie Lynch, Kathleen Tobin, Johanna Abassi, and Nathan Beu supported the team by judging on Friday as well.

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