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Clavius, Dumbach, and STEAM Scholars Induction Mass

On the bright and beautiful morning of Sunday, September 10, we welcomed the newest members of Dumbach, Clavius, and STEAM Scholars at the annual Induction Mass in the Loyola Academy Chapel.
Science Teacher Mr. Nathan Ward spoke about the new STEAM Scholars Program, which he co-directs with Mrs. Valerie Galloway. Then senior Dumbach leader Sara Gempeler ’24 and senior Clavius leader James Sohigian ’24 spoke about their experiences in the programs.

"Involvement with these academic clubs will broaden your circle of friends, encourage and develop your interest in the specific subject matter of the club, and provide opportunities for learning and service that you might not otherwise know about. Aside from helping me become a better academic student, these programs have really shaped me into the type of friend, peer, and leader I am today."—Sara Gempeler '24

"These esteemed programs, designed to grow the talents of Loyola's most gifted and motivated students, have truly excelled in preparing Loyola Academy students for the future...The foundation of the Clavius Scholars Program lies in its commitment to academic excellence focused on the  critical appreciation of the scientific process and inquiry. The program calls students to approach their studies as analytical learners, to actively serve others in need of those talents, and to consider the environmental and social impact of their actions. Although I have always been a math and science focused student, I’ve been amazed at how being a Clavuis Scholar has exposed me to deeper discussions around science. Going beyond what is presented and learned in the classroom, these Clavius discussions offered me the freedom to express my viewpoints on scientific topics such as the first immortalized human cell line to environmental protection practices in our own community. But more importantly, I also hear the viewpoints of my classmates as well."—James Sohigian '24

Loyola Academy Campus Ministers Rev. Stanislaw Czarnecki, SJ, and Deacon Arkadiusz Ciemiega, SJ, presided over Mass.  Campus Minister Mr. Mike Gregg and Hannah Beil ’24 provided beautiful musical accompaniment. 
After Mass, families stayed to have coffee and donuts at the Beaver Donut truck parked outside.  
Thank you to our participating students, families, and program directors: 
Clavius Scholars Program
Ann Michels
Dumbach Scholars Program
Lesley Shifrin
STEAM Scholars Program
Valerie Galloway
Nathan Ward

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