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Loyola Academy Choirs Partner with Alumna, Recording Artist J Godwin '01 to Produce Exclusive EP

The Loyola Academy Department of Fine Arts is pleased to announce a collaboration with alumna Jessica “J” Godwin ’01, an immensely talented audiovisual artist and mentor based in Brooklyn, New York. Since the beginning of May, J has led choir students through the invaluable experience of singing harmonies, building lyrics and recording music to produce an EP of their own.
“This was an opportunity to really have the students feel seen, be a part of a process that is about shining a light on what they have to say, and take ownership over their art as it relates to the new theater space,” explains J, who returned to her alma mater in May to collaborate with roughly sixty choir students on writing, arranging harmonies & basic demos and recording all vocal parts. Over the summer months, J will use her vast experience and expertise to edit the vocals, flesh out the production and mix/master so the Loyola Choir will have its own five-song EP to release in the fall.

The experience gave J the opportunity to reflect on her time spent in the Loyola Academy Choir Program. “I was lucky enough to be one of the choir kids over two decades ago!” she muses. “I found my people in Loyola Choir—some of them miraculously continue to be my people, as we have all stretched and grown and gone to our different corners of the earth. I was admittedly moved to tears when I heard Concert Choir sing for the first time in the place I used to call home. Seeing how these students show up for each other and support each other was a beautiful reminder of how important it is for deep, expressive kids to find each other in band rooms, theaters, dance studios, and art studios. Now, with the opening of this new space, they’re really going to have a place that they can call home.”

When students return to campus in the fall they will rehearse the tunes with the new choirs as a part of preparation for the fall concert. A performance is scheduled for October 13 in conjunction with the grand opening celebration of Loyola's new Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Leemputte Family Theater.

J uses music, visuals and storytelling to translate and transform her worldview. Her music has been licensed on several international TV shows, her voice has been featured in multiple national commercial jingles, and her music videos have been viewed by millions. Learn more at

Watch the video announcement here.
    • Breaking News: Collaboration with J Godwin '01

      Break News: Collaboration with J Godwin '01

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