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New Clubs Expand Opportunities to Explore, Learn and Create

Clubs and student activities are a pivotal part of our mission to educate the whole student at Loyola Academy. Loyola's comprehensive program of over 50 clubs and activities offers a wealth of opportunities designed to help students expand their horizons, discover hidden talents, make new friends and share their interests with peers. After students went through the new club proposal process, the Office of Student Activities has added seven new clubs to Loyola’s cocurricular offerings: Fashion Club, Finance Club, Gardening Club, Meditation Club, Photography Club, Poetry and Creative Writing Club, and Space & Aeronautics Club.
Fashion Club: In their proposal, club leaders shared: “We want to show that fashion is a form of self expression and a great way to gain confidence.” The Fashion Club will provide an opportunity for students to talk about fashion and to learn more about it, looking at the history of fashion and trends in fashion. They meet every other Thursday morning in room 238. The moderator of the club is Ms. Inna McNally and the student leaders are Gabriela Ner, Grace Gustafson, Sofia Garcia and Sophia Tavoularis. 

Finance Club: The goal was to provide a club for students interested in and eager to learn about the financial and economic world. They plan to share information about a variety of topics and to encourage club members to research and share about topics of their own choosing. They will use a simulated trading platform to practice and learn more about trading. They meet every other Thursday morning in room 102. The moderator is Mr. Brandon Ceplecha and the student leaders are Sean Cronin, Ryan Craddock, Nathaniel Schwitzenberg and William Beard.

Gardening Club: The goals of Gardening Club are to create a hydroponics/indoor garden, work on native species restoration around Loyola, implement and maintain composting and help set up the garden at 3434 Illinois. They meet Tuesdays after school in room 209. Mr. Peter Jansen is the moderator and Max Tran is the student leader.

Meditation Club: The purpose and goal of Meditation Club is to bring students together to relax their minds and escape the tension and constant movement and stress they live in. In his proposal, Peter Hogan shared, “My goal is to teach and show students the importance and benefits of meditation in our daily lives.” The club meets Tuesdays before school in room 69. The moderator is Mrs. Liz Riggs and the student leader is Peter Hogan.

Photography Club: The goal of photography club is to provide an opportunity for students to develop their skills in photography outside of a class. They will go over the history of photography, share favorite photos, discuss cameras, the art of editing and the art of candids. They meet every other Thursday morning in room 110. Mrs. Tammy Butvilas is the moderator and the student leaders are Hannah Mastrofski and Christian Slowinski.

Poetry & Creative Writing Club: The goal of the club is to give students a space to express their feelings and creativity through writing. They plan to give prompts to club members to write about, to share their writing and to discuss favorite books, writers and poetry. They meet Tuesdays after school in room 153. The moderator is Ms. Dzana Mujkic and the student leaders are Mia Swanson and Rachael Haley.

Space & Aeronautics Club: The goal of the club is to enable students to grow their knowledge of not just space, but other scientific ideas. In their new club proposal, they shared, “We hope to cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder since space is so fascinating and there is so much to learn about it.”  They meet every other Thursday morning in room 204. Mr. Mike Dupuis is the moderator and Jack Fitzgerald is the student leader.

Questions? Contact Director of Student Activities Ms. Melissa Krein at or visit the Cocurriculars web page.

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