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What's in a Name? Students in Studio Art 1 Find Out

Fine Arts Teacher Mrs. Masooma Hussain’s Studio Art 1 classes recently completed a project designed around the significance of "name" to our identities. Students explored the stories around their names such as how their names were selected, what their names mean and what part of the world their names stem from. They also examined how their names shape their experiences and interactions with the world around them.
The design pieces they made challenged students to examine the letters of their names as shapes instead of text and create radial designs by manipulating these letters.  The goal was to bend, stretch, and twist the shape of the letters away from being easily recognizable. Students were taught how to cut a stencil and trace their design into a radial pattern that was then filled in with either metallic sharpies and/or colored pencils. 
“The end result that students worked together to hang on the wall is a wonderful collection of individual designs that are unique to each and every student in all three sections of my Studio 1 art classes,” says Mrs. Hussain.
To conclude the unit, her classes are watching the highly acclaimed animated film Spirited Away. “The story places the remembrance and ownership of names as a significant aspect of the heroine's journey to rescue her parents from the spirit world,” Mrs. Hussain explains.

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