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Loyola Academy Dance Collective Showcase

The Loyola Academy Dance Collective, formerly Company B, is proud to virtually present its 2020–2021 showcase! Dancers have been preparing for months and have seamlessly incorporated technology into their rehearsals and choreography to bring their performances to life. The video broadcast was made possible by a collaboration with Rambler Stream, a student-led organization that delivers both live streams and pre-recordings of performances, athletic events and more.
The 2020–2021 Dance Collective Showcase can be viewed here

Congratulations to the following dancers on this tremendous achievement:

Seniors: Grace Fatuga, Jonathon Taylor, Rachel Legara*, Amaiya McCord*, KayLyn Traan*
Juniors: Julia Antar, Yanni Dunkas, Monique Robinson, Ashley Sanchez
Sophomore: Chelsea Homawoo
Freshmen: Audrey Cornue, Lily Sandstrom
 *Denotes four-year company member
Dance Collective is moderated by Physical Education Teacher Allison Hornung. The program for the 2020–2021 Showcase follows:

What A Year
Choreography: Allison Hornung
Music: “Be Okay” by Ingrid Michaelson
Dancers: Audrey Cornue, Yanni Dunkas, Lily Sandstrom
Choreography: Yanni Dunkas
Music: “Maria” by Hwa Sa
Dancers: Julia Antar, Audrey Cornue, Chelsea Homawoo, Lily Sandstrom
Be Nice
Choreography: Grace Fatuga
Music: “Be Nice” by The Black Eyes Peas
Dancers: Juia Antar, Yanni Dunkas, Grace Fatuga, Amaiya McCord, Jonathon Taylor
What Am I Now?
Choreography: Ashley Sanchez
Music: “falling” by Harry Styles
Dancers: Julia Antar, Yanni Dunkas, Chelsea Homawoo, Lily Sandstrom, KayLyn Traan
Choreography: Amaiya McCord
Music: “Intentions” by Justin Bieber featuring Quavo
Dancers: Grace Fatuga, Rachel Legara, Monique Robinson, Kenyon Shotwell, Jonathon Taylor, KayLyn Traan 
Black and Gold
Choreography: Allison Hornung
Music: “Black and Gold” by Brenna Whitaker
Dancers: Rachel Legara, Amaiya McCord, KayLyn Traan
Come Alive
Choreography: Allison Hornung
Music: “Come Alive” by Years & Years and Jess Glyne
Dancers: Full Company
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