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Loyola Thespians Present Fall Play "Greetings from Quarantine"

On Friday, November 13, Loyola Academy’s Thespian Troupe #4729 premiered its fall play “Greetings from Quarantine,” a collection of short stories and monologues all written, directed and performed by Loyola students. This year’s fall play is the first in the program’s history to be conducted in a virtual format, a necessary modification due to the ongoing health and safety restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The play showcased the following ten short performances:
Grow Where You are Planted
Written by Mia Rode ’21
Directed by Griffin Snow ’21
Performed by Ellie Kirkland ’23
Costumes by Katie Graham ’21
Lighting by Kayla Fowler ’21
Set/Props by Elle Donohue ’24 
Written by Marshall Tenzer ’20
Directed by Meghan Oeste ’22
Performed by Mia Rode ’21
Costumes by Colleen Holtgreive ’22
Lighting by Megan Bailey ’24
Set/Props by Felix Ricketts ’24
(Hypothetical) Quarantine Boyfriend
Written by Kate Mahoney ’21
Directed by Kayla Fowler ’21
Performed by Kate Sipchen ’24
Costumes by Sosi Hagopian ’23
Lighting by Soren Koh ’23
Set/Props by Jack Burke ’24
Ode to the Scooper
Written by Colleen Holtgreive ’22
Directed by Paige Finley ’21
Performed by Bianca DiVito ’22 and Jack Anderson ’21
Costumes by Malina Mandel ’23
Lighting by Patrick McLaughlin ’24
Set/Props by Kate Zgonena ’21
A Time for the History Books
Written by Meghan Oeste ’22
Directed by Emma Weatherhead ’21
Performed by Chloe Molins ’23
Costumes by Malina Mandel ’23
Lighting by Casey Lyons ’22
Set/Props by Kate Zgonena ’21

Unlikely Siblings
Written by Katie Graham ’21
Directed by Sara Morales ’22 
Performed by Ian Elliot ’24 and Helena Kavanagh ’23
Costumes by Shawn Patrick ’24 
Lighting by Anthony Ujiki ’24 
Set/Props by Taylor Richards ’24

Get Me Out
Written by Grace Hiatt and Kate Zgonena ’21 
Directed by Angelica Gyorgy ’21 
Performed by Olivia Cozzini ’21 
Costumes by Bree Glapa ’24 
Lighting by Eloise Moore ’22 
Set/Props by Maddy Chillis ’24

An Introverts Paradise
Written by Emma Weatherhead ’21 
Directed by Tadgh Walsh ’24 
Performed by Ella Sangin ’22 
Costumes by Mia LoGiudince 
Lighting by Grace Rode ’21 
Set/Props by Callie Tournillon ’24

Ode to Loners
Written by Rachael Haley ’23 
Directed by Eloise Migely ’21 
Performed by Emily Samaritano ’24 
Costumes by Malina Mandel ’23 
Lighting by Haley Bargo ’21 
Set/Props by Maddie Jones ’22

Written by Sara Morales and Malina Mandel ’23 
Directed by Kate Mahoney ’21 
Performed by Grace Hiatt ’21 
Costume by Megan Bradley ’22
Lighting by Casey Lyons ’22
Set/Props by Kate Zgonena ’21

“Greetings from Quarantine” sound design by Hannah Sachs ’22, stage managed by Katelyn Boerke ’21, tech support by Ms. Kristen Mackie and graphic design Casey Lyons ’22.

With special thanks to the Honors Theatre I and II classes and the LA Fine Arts Department, Mr. Jim Yost, Ms. Melissa Krein and Ms. Sandra Smycz.

To view the play’s complete program, including cast and crew biographies, click here
    • Greetings from Quarantine

      Fall Play: Greetings From Quarantine

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