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Loyola Academy would like to honor all of our Ramblers who are or have served in the United States Armed Forces. 

Please keep all of our servicemen and women in your prayers.

Branch of Service Unknown

David M. Almeroth '61 (RIP)
Thomas H. Amberg '35 (RIP)
Salvatore J. Angarola '17 (RIP)
James F. Ashenden '13 (RIP)
William L. Barron '12 (RIP)
Joseph P. Benson '38 (RIP)
Florens E. Bollaert '17 (RIP)
George E. Brannan '24 (RIP)
Paul R. Brauer '18 (RIP)
Pierre Brosseau '17 (RIP)
Daniel P. Brown '16 (RIP)
George E. Burke '50 (RIP)
John A. Cagney '14 (RIP)
James P. Canepa '13 (RIP)
John J. Carney '18 (RIP)
William R. Carroll '17 (RIP)
Norbert J. Cavanagh '14 (RIP)
Lowell A. Conway '18 (RIP)
Richard J. Coyne '14 (RIP)
Vincent W. Cunningham '14 (RIP)
Earl I. Curry '12 (RIP)
Francis N. De Haye '13 (RIP)
Joseph F. De Haye '18 (RIP)
George W. Desmet '15 (RIP)
Norman J. Douglass '18 (RIP)
Thomas C. Dugan '32 (RIP)
E. P. Dunn '64
William H. Edwards '64
Joseph F. Egan '27 (RIP)
James F. Ennis '17 (RIP)
Richard A. Finnegan '30 (RIP)
Richard A. Florence '18 (RIP)
Frank J. Forde '14 (RIP)
Engelbert C. Gast '13 (RIP)
William E. Glennon '51 (RIP)
Dennis J. Glynn '61 (RIP)
Paul A. Gomez '83
John Hagerty '77
Edgar J. Hartney '16 (RIP)
John F. Hartray '15 (RIP)
Joseph L. Hassmer '17 (RIP)
Maurice J. Healy '41 (RIP)
Louis G. Hector '45 (RIP)
Joseph H. Heinzen '14 (RIP)
Reinhold R. Hemrich '16 (RIP)
Donald E. Hines '46 (RIP)
Edward C. Hogan '20 (RIP)
Emil F. Holmes '14 (RIP)
William M. Hopkinson '15 (RIP)
Robert F. Jacobs '44 (RIP)
Edward N. Johann '14 (RIP)
Ralph C. Kahle '13 (RIP)
William C. King '36 (RIP)
Richard W. Knisley '15 (RIP)
William S. Lahey '16 (RIP)
Lincoln E. Lee '16 (RIP)
Eugene P. Lieberthal '14 (RIP)
Charles A. Loeffler '16 (RIP)
John Madden '18 (RIP)
James W. Martin '17 (RIP)
John S. Martin '13 (RIP)
George K. McCabe '16 (RIP)
Walter T. McCue '11 (RIP)
Robert C. McGarry '42 (RIP)
Peter F. McNamee '13 (RIP)
James F. McNulty '14 (RIP)
John J. Miley '34 (RIP)
Edward A. Miller '18 (RIP)
James B. Moore '16 (RIP)
Patrick J. Morrisey '31 (RIP)
Thomas H. Mosher '49 (RIP)
John F. Murphy '37 (RIP)
Ralph J. Murphy '12 (RIP)
Terence S. O'Brien '18 (RIP)
James J. O'Connor '13 (RIP)
John P. O'Meara '17 (RIP)
Matthias J. Pontius '14 (RIP)
Alexander L. Pope '27 (RIP)
Howard Pritchard '67
William E. Pryor '18 (RIP)
William M. Riach '13 (RIP)
Eugene F. Ring '41 (RIP)
Charles G. Rose '13 (RIP)
Thomas R. Ryan '46 (RIP)
Irving P. Schuster '18 (RIP)
John F. Seng '15 (RIP)
George R. Siegler '43 (RIP)
Herman R. Siegler '43 (RIP)
William J. Smith '54 (RIP)
Herman M. Soloway '18 (RIP)
Arthur A. Sullivan '17 (RIP)
Robert C. Theisen '47 (RIP)
William P. Thomas '39 (RIP)
James R. Toohey '51 (RIP)
James A. Tracy '13 (RIP)
Thomas J. Van Heule '50 (RIP)
James P. Ward '18 (RIP)
Alfred G. Weinsheim '50 (RIP)
Louis P. Weis '18 (RIP)
David Winter '64
Louis G. Widduck '45 (RIP)
James F. Woodward '60 (RIP)

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