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Introducing College Connections

We are pleased to bring you College Connections, an online communications series dedicated to the college discovery and discernment process. The purpose is to provide the entire Rambler community with relevant topics, tips and timelines, along with diverse insights and voices to help guide you through the journey and hopefully ease some of the anxiety inherent in the college search and admissions process. We always welcome reader feedback. You can share comments with your college counseling team at collegeconnections@loy.org.

In The News

There is a lot of information out there about colleges and the college admissions process, the below articles are some of the more helpful articles we have found.

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  • Ad(mission): It’s Not Fair

    Georgia Tech Admission Blog

    I suppose I could have gone with “An Admission: It’s not fair!” What can I say, catchy titles are not my thing. Working on it. But at this time of year, “fairness” is a resounding theme.

    “How can you waitlist my son? He has 30 points higher and two more APs than your average. And we know someone down the street who got in that….”

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  • Be Cool

    Georgia Tech Admission Blog

    At Georgia Tech, we are about to release admission decisions and over the course of the next month, most schools will also be putting their decisions on the streets. So, when you log in to a portal, or receive an email or letter from a school with an admission decision, keep two words in mind: Be Cool.  This is on you, because you can’t count on anyone else. Your parents may lose their minds. Your teachers or principal or neighbors or friends may as well. Again, lots of voices, lots of emotions, lots on the line. Two words: Be cool. Allow me to explain.

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  • The Difference Between Super-Scoring & Score Choice

    Your College Bound Kid Podcast

    INTERVIEW PART 2 Mark continues his interview with Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia Tech, in their final segment on the right way to handle deferrals, denials, waitlists and acceptances.

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  • Using SAT Subject Tests to Stand Out

    Your College Bound Kid Podcast

    Interview Park One: Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia Tech talks through the right way to handle deferrals, denials, waitlists and acceptances.

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  • How To Deal With A Deferral Or Denial Of Admission To College: Change Priorities


    Grinning with his characteristically sly smile, Chuck Sanborn, the former director of college counseling at The Derryfield School, corrected my inquiry about his retirement, saying, “I didn’t retire, I just changed my priorities.” He went on to explain that he adapted this phrase while driving in England and encountering road construction. Instead of a neon detour sign, he was confronted with a sign saying "Changed Priorities Ahead" and instantly he knew that this would be his motto. To Sanborn, the idea of retiring or withdrawing felt passive or even defeatist. He was not stepping away from life, but rather stepping towards new priorities.

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