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The mission of the Counseling Department is:
To provide for all students a student focused counseling program that is developmental, preventative and comprehensive and based on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) student competencies in the domains of academic, college/career and personal/social development, while rooted in our Jesuit Catholic tradition.

The vision of the Counseling Department is:
To stimulate and encourage all students to be lifelong learners who are loving, respectful, responsible, reflective, spiritual and resilient leaders with an active commitment to service and social justice, both locally and globally. We will challenge our students and ourselves to strive for the “Magis” (a Jesuit Ignatian value meaning “more”) in cultivating life affirming values, lively imaginations, critical minds and compassionate hearts.

Department Members

  • Photo of Sheila Blanchfield
    Sheila Blanchfield
    School Counseling Department Chair
    (847) 920-2523
  • Photo of Britta Ackron
    Britta Ackron
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2518
  • Photo of Sarah Bennett
    Sarah Bennett
    Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, School Counselor
    (847) 920-2514
    University Of Chicago - Masters of Arts Social Work
  • Photo of Colleen Fahrenbach
    Colleen Fahrenbach '11
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2755
  • Photo of Gabrielle Feldman
    Gabrielle Feldman
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2524
    Northwestern University - Ph.D.
    Tufts University - B.S.
  • Photo of Berenis Fernandez
    Berenis Fernandez '07
    Testing Coordinator / School Counselor
    (847) 920-2623
  • Photo of Emmett Hara
    Emmett Hara
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2522
  • Photo of Gineen Hecht
    Gineen Hecht
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2515
    New Trier High School
    Loyola University - Bachelor of Science
    Loyola University - Master of Education
  • Photo of Anneliese Kranz
    Anneliese Kranz
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2520
  • Photo of Selina McGuire
    Selina McGuire
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2512
  • Photo of Mark Medland
    Mark Medland
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2669
  • Photo of Clare Nelson-Johnson
    Clare Nelson-Johnson '09
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2528
  • Photo of Sara Provis
    Sara Provis
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2527
  • Photo of Beth Stanton
    Beth Stanton
    Administrative Assistant
    (847) 920-2510
  • Photo of Rosanna Suh
    Rosanna Suh
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2511
  • Photo of Rebecca Thiegs
    Rebecca Thiegs
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2513
  • Photo of Tyler Vradenburg
    Tyler Vradenburg
    School Counselor
    (847) 920-2521

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