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Tony Minestra

College Counselor

How many years have you been at Loyola?
I started in 2013, so 7 years now.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I'm a total foodie—I enjoy all things delicious: farmers' markets, unique restaurant experiences, exploring the city in search of the perfect (fill in the blank) foodstuffs, "cheffing" at home…I'm always playing with recipes, new and old.

I also love to travel—"not all those who wander are lost." I definitely have what they call "wanderlust" (if that's a real thing). I love experiencing new cultures and new places, big and small, near and far. I find myself reading travel magazines and books constantly, always day-dreaming about my next adventure.

Any fun facts students might not know about you?
I pursued a professional path for my love of food and food culture and enrolled in culinary school in my mid-20s. I learned so much, met some really cool people, and definitely improved my knife skills.

Favorite Loyola memory?
Maybe not one memory, but a collection of's those moments over the course of a school year, when recent grads come back to say hello, to check in from college (or wherever they may be). One of the great thrills of my professional role here is seeing young people through their transition to their next step, hearing their stories and perspectives once they've had a chance to find their way in the world beyond the walls of LA. To see those seeds we planted here begin to reach the light and to witness their growth brings me a great sense of pride.

What is your best advice to Ramblers?
Comparison is the thief of Joy. Your standard of happiness and fulfillment is set not by the expectations and pressures of others, but by you and you alone. Strive to become the best version of yourself and to lean into your strengths. I would tell high school students the same thing I say to my six-year-old daughter every morning before she leaves for school: "Be kind, be thankful, and be you."

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