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Kelly Dutmers '98

College Counselor

How many years have you been at Loyola?
While I have worked at Loyola for only half of a school year, I graduated from Loyola many years ago. So, in some ways I consider this year 5, although technically it is my first year of employment! 
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to travel! I have visited thirty five states, as well as twelve countries spanning four continents. Some of the memorable locations I have visited include Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Greece, Norway, Spain, and France. My favorite location of all to visit is Walt Disney World. I have lost count how many times I have visited, but it is somewhere between 15–20 times. While I am at home, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my husband and my two and a half year-old daughter. I love taking her to cultural and seasonal events and getting to see everything new through her eyes. Additionally, I have studied art and architectural history and enjoy visiting museums and going on architectural walking tours. 
Any fun facts students might not know about you?
A few fun facts: I was a team manager for DePaul Women's Basketball during my undergraduate studies at DePaul University; one of the most fascinating experiences I have had was helping my husband be a contestant and win a car on The Price is Right; other than being very interested in Disney theme parks, art, and architecture, I am also very interested in career theory, particularly the MBTI and how it relates not only to career choice, but how personality type affects a person's decisions on a daily basis. 
Favorite Loyola memory?
As an employee, that is hard to say since I haven't been here that long! But, as a whole I highly value the built-in consultation and collaboration that comes with working with my four amazing college counseling colleagues which is new for me as I was the sole college counselor at the previous high school I worked at. As a student, my favorite memory comes from senior year when I attended Kairos. With my small group Kairos cohort, I was always "living the fourth" in some way, especially with random acts of kindness! 
What is your best advice to Ramblers?
"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do," –Walt Disney. I like the idea of this quote in a twofold sense. First, your high school years are going to pass by quickly. Therefore, be curious, enjoy it, get involved, develop new skills and relationships, and contribute back to the community which will allow you to develop as a whole person. Secondly, from a college counseling perspective, college admissions personnel highly value intellectual curiosity, as opposed to rote resume building. When you actively explore academic and co-curricular pursuits which you are curious about, you will not only naturally develop skills, but you will also develop a deeper sense of self-awareness in which intellectual curiosity will be readily apparent—allowing yourself to stand out in your college applications. So, get involved, develop your intellectual curiosity, and be a positive agent of change within the community in some way! 

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