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Introducing College Connections

We are pleased to bring you College Connections, an online communications series dedicated to the college discovery and discernment process. The purpose is to provide the entire Rambler community with relevant topics, tips and timelines, along with diverse insights and voices to help guide you through the journey and hopefully ease some of the anxiety inherent in the college search and admissions process. We always welcome reader feedback. You can share comments with your college counseling team at

In The News

There is a lot of information out there about colleges and the college admissions process, the below articles are some of the more helpful articles we have found.

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  • 7 College Admissions Trends to Watch in 2023

    Where will you get into college in 2023? Here are 7 trends that might affect college admissions in the coming year, according to admission experts. Understanding how the landscape of college admissions continues to shift will help you manage your expectations and make smart decisions throughout the college admissions process. Here are 7 trends to keep an eye on in 2023.

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  • What do Colleges Want?

    Georgia Tech Admission Blog

    Along with my staff, we have written extensively in the past about "what colleges are looking for." We’ve covered GPA, rigor of curriculum, activities, and involvement, essays, more about essays, plenty of ink spilled and callouses grown writing about writing, teacher recs, interviews, etc. And all of that is accurate, helpful, and worth checking out. But what do colleges really want? Regardless of their size, geographic location, or athletic conference, they want the same thing—Choices and Options. They don’t want to have to "just have a salad" and bring their own dressing. They want a full menu. And their desire—or hunger, as it were (really just wrote this entire blog to use that phrase)—for choices and options, explains a lot about your college admission experience.

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  • A College Admissions Expert Explains What Going Test-Optional Means for High School Seniors

    Education Week

    College admissions season is in full swing, with hundreds of thousands of high school seniors either painstakingly completing college applications or waiting anxiously to hear whether they’ve been accepted.

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In the News Archive

Hidden Gems

Meet Members of the College Counseling Department!

Beginning in October—Enjoy this brief Q&A to get to know members of Loyola’s College Counseling Department. Each issue we’ll feature someone new!

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  • Gabrielle Feldman

    Gabrielle Feldman

    College Counselor
  • Liz Riggs

    Liz Riggs

    College Counselor
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  • Nancy Menendez

    Nancy Menendez

    College Counselor

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  • Kelly Dutmers '98

    Kelly Dutmers '98

    College Counselor

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  • Mark Porcaro

    Mark Porcaro

    Department Chair
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  • Beth Stanton

    Beth Stanton

    Administrative Assistant
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