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Loyola Academy’s Bowman Scholars Program provides programming and assistance for high achieving, first generation college students and ensures that every Bowman Scholar is given the opportunity to thrive and participate fully in the Rambler experience. The program equips scholars with the knowledge, skills and the highest potential to achieve college readiness, acceptance and success.

The Bowman Scholars Program also aims to address inequities within the Loyola Academy experience. The academic and social rigors of school can be challenging for many students but particularly impact our under-resourced students who may not have access to nor knowledge of the support available to help them reach their full potential as Ramblers. While the Bowman Scholars Program’s purpose is to inform a healthy, fulfilled, and college-bound Rambler, the program dually addresses the systemic obstacles under-resourced students face on a daily basis.

Program Overview

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  • Qualilfication

    Qualifying students are identified during the initial financial aid process and are invited to apply for and commit to the Bowman Scholars Program.
  • Program Goals

    Over the course of four years, the program instills in the scholars a growth mindset, through enhancing academic, executive functioning and social emotional skills and to provide a foundational knowledge of the college process and readiness for college and career success. This program combines an educational and formational approach rooted in Catholic, Jesuit tradition and spiritual values.
  • Participation

    Bowman Scholars will take part in the following:
    • Annual Retreats and summer orientation
    • Monthly programming tailored to first generation students and families
    • Leadership training and opportunities
    • Private/semi-private focused academic tutuoring
    • Attend Loyola's annual college fair with their Bowman Scholars cohort
    • Bowman Peer mentorship
    • Individualized ACT preparation
    • College and career counseling
    • Quarterly Bowman Scholar review
    • Quarterly team-building activities
    • Kairos retreats
    • Bowman Scholars End of Year Celebration
  • Additional Benefits

    To engage students in a completely immersive Rambler experience, the Bowman Scholars Program provides
    • Academic books, supplies and discounted and/or fully remitted fees (for academic programs, athletics and student activities)
    • Spirit wear and gently-used school uniforms
    • Lunch assistance

Sister Thea Bowman

Loyola Academy's Bowman Scholars Program is named for Sister Thea Bowman, an educator, missionary disciple and advocate for cultural awareness and racial harmony. Sister Thea Bowman was a Roman Catholic religious sister, teacher and scholar who made a major contribution to the ministry of the Catholic Church and believed education to be an integral component to living the Gospel message.
"God is present in everything. In the universe, in creation, in me and all that happens to me, in my brothers and sisters, in the church—everywhere."
–Sr. Thea Bowman

Sequencing of Supports

Academic Skills

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  • Freshman

    • Asks questions and/or make inferences 
    • Engages in class and class materials through note-taking, discussion and annoting
    • Engages in the learning
    • Creates and implements SMART goals
  • Sophomore

    • Synthesizes class material and information to make meaning
    • Advances public speaking skills
  • Junior

    • Applies logic and reasoning to research questions or problems
    • Demonstrate understanding of a topic by taking and defending a position
    • Continues to sharpen public speaking skills
  • Senior

    • Draws logical conclusions 
    • Identifies socio-historical themes within texts or current events

Executive Functioning Skills

List of 4 items.

  • Freshman

    • Identifies aspects of different learning styles and understand one's own learning style
    • Knows the various academic resources available at Loyola
    • Prioritizes and organize class material and information
  • Sophomore

    • Reflects, analyzes and learns from mistakes
    • Balances time commitments
    • Continues to explore various academic resources available to Loyola students
    • Refines organization skills
  • Junior

    • Internalizes successful organizational strategies and practices
    • Comprehends the importance of understanding on'es own learning style
  • Senior

    • Evaluates organization strategies for independent living
    • Demonstrates self-advocacy, self-efficacy and self-regulation

College Knowledge

List of 4 items.

  • Freshman

    • Comprehends the importance of effort and performance in the classroom.
  • Sophomore

    • Formulates an early college awareness
    • Participate in test prep
  • Junior

    • Takes part in financial literacy education and career exploration
    • Participates in test prep
  • Senior

    • Prepares for academics and social transition to college

Social/Emotional Skills

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  • Freshman

    • Makes connections to the community and building community relationships
    • Identifies stress management skills
    • Monitors and reflects on emotions
  • Sophomore

    • Recognizes healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Explains the consequences of different forms of communicating one's emotions
    • Analyzes how time management might improve decision making
  • Junior

    • Understands and recognizes the importance of team-building and affinity groups
  • Senior

    • Demonstrates an ability to express emotions in a healthy manner
    • Demonstrates an ability to make informed decisions


List of 4 items.

  • Freshman

    • Participates in spiritual reflection, led by Campus Minister
  • Sophomore

    • Participates in spiritual reflection, led by Campus Minister
    • Retreat participation
  • Junior

    • Participate in spiritual reflection, led by Campus Minister
    • Retreat participation
  • Senior

    • Participate in spiritual reflection, led by Campus Minister

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