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A Jesuit College Preparatory Experience
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Introducing College Connections

We are pleased to bring you College Connections, an online communications series dedicated to the college discovery and discernment process. The purpose is to provide the entire Rambler community with relevant topics, tips and timelines, along with diverse insights and voices to help guide you through the journey and hopefully ease some of the anxiety inherent in the college search and admissions process. We always welcome reader feedback. You can share comments with your college counseling team at

In The News

There is a lot of information out there about colleges and the college admissions process, the below articles are some of the more helpful articles we have found.

List of 5 news stories.

  • An Open Letter to College-Bound Students and Their Parents

    Inside Higher Ed

    There are few times more exciting to work on a college campus than the start of a new academic year. Across the country, thousands of new students descend on institutions of higher learning, each student with their own talents and aspirations, eager to share their understanding of the world, excited to discover more about who they are and what the world has to offer. Those of us working in college admissions offices are grateful and humbled to watch this happen every fall, as bright, able students begin a journey of discovery as strangers and emerge from the experience knowing more about themselves, each other and the possibilities that await after graduation.

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  • The College Admissions Scandal

    You've probably been hearing about the recent college admissions scandal that has been extensively covered in the media. We wanted to share some information with you. The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), which sets standards on admissions practices, has issued the following statement which reiterates their consistent commitment to the highest standards of transparency and ethical  practice. As members of the NACAC, we at Loyola Academy are also committed to these standards and practices.

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  • What I want high school seniors to hear loud and clear, in the wake of the celebrity college cheating scandal

    Chicago Tribune

    Oh, grown-ups.

    Where did we veer so spectacularly off-course when it comes to the entire point of college?

    How did we arrive at a day when celebrities and CEOs are being charged with bribing and cheating to get their kids into elite schools?

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  • Ad(mission): It’s Not Fair

    Georgia Tech Admission Blog

    I suppose I could have gone with “An Admission: It’s not fair!” What can I say, catchy titles are not my thing. Working on it. But at this time of year, “fairness” is a resounding theme.

    “How can you waitlist my son? He has 30 points higher and two more APs than your average. And we know someone down the street who got in that….”

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  • Be Cool

    Georgia Tech Admission Blog

    At Georgia Tech, we are about to release admission decisions and over the course of the next month, most schools will also be putting their decisions on the streets. So, when you log in to a portal, or receive an email or letter from a school with an admission decision, keep two words in mind: Be Cool.  This is on you, because you can’t count on anyone else. Your parents may lose their minds. Your teachers or principal or neighbors or friends may as well. Again, lots of voices, lots of emotions, lots on the line. Two words: Be cool. Allow me to explain.

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