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A Jesuit College Preparatory Experience
Student Life

Health & Wellness

Loyola Academy views physical and mental health as integral to the intellectual and spiritual development of our students. Our Health & Wellness Program is dedicated to maintaining and improving the overall health of students through a variety of educational, counseling and wellness programs.

Our school social workers are trained mental health professionals who help students navigate social and emotional challenges related to school and life in general. Social workers serve as important links among home, school and community. They work with students, families and school personnel to promote and support students' academic and social success.

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How Loyola Academy's social workers help students

  • Address the social and emotional needs of all students in ways that improve outcomes inside and outside of school.
  • Help students manage crises, problem-solve and develop coping strategies.
  • Work in proactive teams with the Counseling Department, faculty and administration to provide extra support for students who may need it.
  • Provide therapeutic and skill-based counseling services to students individually and in support groups.
  • Reduce family stress by working with parents and guardians to help students navigate the demands of high school.
  • Coordinate school work and provide a continuum of care when students are out with extended absences by acting as liaisons between Loyola Academy and outside facilities (when applicable). As students transition back to Loyola Academy, we join forces with school counselors to continue providing academic and social-emotional support.
  • Contact parents and provide consent forms when appropriate. Students are able to meet with a social worker eight times before the law requires parent consent.
  • Practice with confidentiality, disclosing necessary information upon student and parent request. We abide by The National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and may break student confidentiality only in cases where the student is involved in self-harm or harm to others, if someone else is causing harm to the student or when other safety concerns arise.

Do you need help for yourself or a friend?

Text LAHelp and a confidential message
to 1-844-823-5323
This anonymous service allows students to text a local licensed/certified mental health professional who is on-call 24/7 and can provide help for them or perhaps a friend that they feel is in need.

Our Mission

To form women and men for meaningful lives of leadership and service in imitation of Jesus Christ through a college preparatory education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.
Loyola Academy admits students of any race, color and national origin or ethnic origin.