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Admissions Policy

It is Loyola Academy’s policy ​to promote and maintain​ ​a student body composed​ ​of young women and men​ ​with diverse educational,​ ​geographic, ethnic, racial and​ ​socioeconomic backgrounds.​  ​Loyola does not discriminate​ ​on the basis of gender, race​ ​or ethnic origin in the​ ​administration of educational​ ​policies, financial aid, athletic​ ​programs or other school​  ​programs.​  ​To protect students’ individual​ ​eligibility, Loyola Academy​ ​supports the policies of​ ​the Illinois High School​ ​Association. In doing so,​ ​Loyola Academy does not​​ ​promise or offer athletic​ ​scholarships of any kind​. ​

Admission to Loyola Academy is based on consideration of a combination of factors including, but not limited to Entrance Exam scores, grade school academic performance, involvement and relationship with the Academy, leadership and extracurricular activities.

Eighth grade students interested in applying to Loyola Academy must take the entrance exam at Loyola Academy on January 14, 2017. Applications for Admission are only distributed to students who test at Loyola Academy.

All students that take the Loyola Academy entrance exam will receive an Application for Admission and a Financial Aid Application on the day of the exam. Application materials are not distributed prior to the exam. Please note the following important dates:Submit the Application for Admission by January 25, 2017.

  1. Financial Aid Application is due by February , 2017.
  2. Letters of decision will be mailed on February 15, 2017.

If you are interested in applying to Loyola Academy as a transfer student, visit the transfer section of the website.

Entrance Exam

The Loyola Academy entrance exam is the HSPT (High School Placement Test). The HSPT has five sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Reading Math and Language (English). An essay is also included on the entrance exam. The required Entrance Examination for eighth grade students will be administered on January 14, 2017 at 8 a.m. Testing reservations are not necessary. Students need to bring two #2 pencils and $25.00 exam fee(cash or check payable to Loyola Academy). Calculators and language translators are not permitted. Students should arrive by 8am and enter through the gym entrance. Students will be released around 12:00 p.m.

Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

Loyola Academy is able to support students who need limited accommodations to be successful in a college preparatory curriculum. Students with diagnosed learning differences have been successful in all placement tracks offered at Loyola Academy. Loyola Academy provides the following accommodations on the Entrance Exam: extended time (up to 50%), no-scantron and small group testing. Loyola does not provide one-on-one testing, untimed testing or the use of computers on the exam. If an eighth grade student is seeking extended time or other accommodations on the Entrance Exam, the parent or guardian must complete the Request for Accommodations on HSPT Form and submit a copy of their most recent psychoeducational evaluation as well as an IEP or 504 plan if one is in place for the student at their current school. Documentation should be sent to Ms. Julie Colturi, School Psychologist, by December 9, 2016. If you have questions regarding the required documentation, please contact Ms. Julie Colturi at