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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Useful Links:


Africa: Who is to Blame? (video series)

African Jesuit AIDS Network
Aid: Why Hasn't It Helped? (video series)
AIDS in Africa (Animated Map)
Catholic Relief Services: Kenya
Catholic Relief Services: Tanzania
Catholic Social Teaching
Catholic University of East Africa
Center for Disease Control: East Africa
Chicago Public Radio: Interview with Global Alliance for Africa Director
Chicago Public Radio: Interview with St. Aloysius Gonzaga School Founder
Christian Life Community
CIA Factbook: Kenya
CIA Factbook: Tanzania
Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center
Global Alliance for Africa
Human Rights Watch: Kenya
Human Rights Watch: Tanzania
IBVM: Loreto Sisters
Ignatian Solidarity Network
International Monetary Fund: Kenya
International Monetary Fund: Tanzania
Jesuit Mission
Jesuit Refugee Services
Jesuit Volunteers International
Joint Volunteer Agency: US Department of State Sponsored Refugee Placement
Jubilee USA (Debt Relief)
Kenya Politics
KIVA [PBS Frontline/World]
KIVA: Micro-loans
Lea Toto
Life & Debt
Lindberg Holidays (Hired Driver)
Map of Kenya
Map of Tanzania
Mkombozi Center
Music of Reconciliation: Rwanda
Newspaper: Arusha Times (Tanzania)
Newspaper: The Daily Nation (Kenya)
Nyumbani Orphanage for children with HIV
Nyumbani: Children of God Relief Institute
Oxfam International
Passport Information
Republic of Kenya
Republic of Tanzania
Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge
St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School Student Profiles
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Prep School
Ten Days in Africa
The Green Belt Movement
Traveler's Health & Immunization Center
UNICEF: Tanzania
United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwandan War Crimes
Upendo Village
US Department of State: Kenya
US Department of State: Tanzania
Voices from the Global South
World Bank: Kenya
World Bank: Tanzania
World Health Organization: Kenya
World Health Organization: Tanzania



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