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  • Student Parking, Drop-off and Pickup

    Student parking is available only to seniors with a valid parking permit. Please watch this brief video and view this map to familiarize yourself with student parking on campus.
    Parents dropping off students before school should enter the parking lot from Laramie Avenue at the southern end of the south lot (Lot D) and proceed north along the west side of the stadium to the dual drop-off lanes to unload passengers. Students will enter the building either through Door #1 (main entrance) or Door #6 (Piazza entrance). Afterward, parents should continue north toward the school and turn west to exit onto Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking to the school building and follow the direction of the traffic control aides along the route and at the driveway to Laramie Avenue.
    The route for pick-up along the west side of the stadium is similar to drop off. Parents should proceed to the northernmost available position to wait for students. Vehicles are to queue in two lanes along the entire length of the stadium. Parents should remain in their vehicles and move up in the queue as vehicles pick up students and depart. After picking up students, proceed north to the school and west to Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking through the area and follow directions from the traffic control aides along the route. Please view this map for more information.
    At this time, drop off and pick up in the north lot (Lot A) off of Illinois Road just east of Frontage Road at the northeast corner of the school is NOT available.
    Please be aware that traffic circulation is closed between the south side of the school and the parking lot near the pool and along the east side of the school (near the Edens Expressway) between 7:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. in order to create a safe zone for pedestrians.
    Important to note: Our longtime agreement with our neighbors prohibits drop-off and pick-up on all other side streets, including Forest, Walnut, Elmwood and Greenwood Avenues, Manor Drive and Illinois Road.
  • Closure of Quad for Construction

    The Quad will be closed for the remainder of the semester as construction has started on Phase II of our Campus Master Plan, home of our future Performing Arts Center and Leemputte Family Theater.

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