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Construction Updates

Welcome to the Construction Updates web page. As updates become available, they will be posted here.
  • Parking will NOT be permitted on the field at the west corner of Laramie Avenue and Illinois Road.

  • Entrance and Exit Policy

    Updated protocol for entering and exiting the building during construction:
    To balance the need for security with our goal of creating a welcoming and engaging environment, access to Loyola Academy in the morning hours will be limited to two doors. These doors are numbered on the inside and outside of the school building.
    They are:
    • Door #1 — Main entrance (west side of the school)
    • Door #18 — Development entrance (northwest corner of the school)
    These two doors will be open to students from 6:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and will be monitored by Dean’s Office personnel for IDs and dress code during that time. After 8:00 a.m. students will need to enter the school through the main entrance (Door #1), which will be the primary entrance throughout the day. At the end of the school day at 2:48 p.m., students can exit through any door.

    Re-entry to the school after 2:48 p.m. will be only through Door #1, which will be monitored by Loyola Security beginning at 2:30 p.m.

    Throughout the day, parents and visitors will be required to enter the school exclusively through the main entrance (Door #1), presenting photo ID at the security desk to receive a visitor's pass. From 6:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. parents and adults will be only permitted to enter through the main entrance.
  • Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policy

    Due to construction, student drop-off and pick-up policies have changed. Before school, parents should enter from Laramie Avenue at the south end of the new south parking lot (Lot D) and proceed north along the west side of the stadium to the dual drop-off lanes to unload passengers. Afterwards, continue north to the school and west to Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking to the school and follow the direction of posted traffic control aides along the route and at the driveway to Laramie Avenue.
    If arriving from the north, parents may also enter the north lot (Lot A) from Illinois Road just west of Frontage Road. Parents should proceed to the northwest corner of the north lot, drop off students, and continue south to the next driveway and exit to Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians in the lot and follow direction from the posted traffic control aide along the route to maintain safety for students and faculty walking in the area.
    The routes in each location are similar during the dismissal period to those for the arrival period. When using the primary pick-up location along the west side of the stadium, parents should proceed to the northernmost available position to wait for students. Vehicles are to queue in two lanes along the entire length of the stadium. Parents should remain in their vehicles and move up in the queue as vehicles pick up students and depart. After picking up students, proceed north to the school and west to Laramie Avenue. Please yield to pedestrians walking through the area and follow directions from the school traffic aides along the route.
    If arriving from the north, a secondary pick-up route is available via Illinois Road, following the same pattern as the morning drop-off route with vehicles exiting via the northern driveway on Laramie Avenue.

    Please view the parking and traffic plan for additional information. 
  • Student Parking

    Due to the construction, student parking lots have changed for the 2018–19 school year. Students with parking permits will park in two areas. As shown on the parking plan, these include:
    • The new lot south of the tennis courts (Lot D)
    • The aisle along the north side of the tennis courts and the western 1½ aisles in the lot north of the tennis courts, closest to Laramie Avenue (Lot C)


    Students may access the student parking lots via the three southernmost driveways on Laramie Avenue that align across Forest Avenue, Walnut Avenue and Elmwood Avenue.
    After school, students will exit to Laramie Avenue in one of two locations:
    • Parking South of the tennis courts (Lot D): Students will exit from the driveway at the north end of the lot, just south of the tennis courts. Please follow directions from the school's traffic control aide posted at the driveway. The southern driveway is entrance-only to accommodate student pick-up activity and is not available to exit.
    • Parking North of the tennis courts (Lot C): Students will exit to Laramie Avenue using the driveway at the north end of the lot. Please merge with traffic exiting the student pick-up lanes and follow directions from the traffic control aide posted at the intersection. The driveway at the south end of the parking lot will be closed during the school dismissal period.
  • Visitor Parking Permits

    All visitors are asked to obtain a Visitor's Parking Permit from the security desk in the main lobby. Please pull into the circle drive and obtain the permit before parking in the lot. You are invited to store the permit in your car to use on subsequent visits to Loyola Academy. We ask all Loyola students, faculty, staff and visitors to park in a legal parking spot in the lot whenever it is available. Those who choose to utilize Visitor Parking in the drop off/pick up lanes may not park before 8:30 a.m. and must move their vehicles by 2:30 p.m. at the latest. Security personnel in the main lobby can direct you where to park if no legal spots are available. If you are issued a ticket in error, please contact the Dean’s Office at 847.920.2707.
  • East Side of School Closed

    Beginning Thursday, June 7, the east parking lot (next to the Edens Expressway), the northeast parking lot entrance/exit east of Illinois and Frontage Roads, the swimming pool and the athletic entrance (Door 6) are closed and will remain a construction zone until construction is completed in August 2019. To enter and exit the building, please use the main entrance (Door 1).

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