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A Jesuit College Preparatory Experience

Summer School

2019 Summer School

Loyola Academy Summer School offers some of our finest classes for enrichment or remedial purposes. Our program is one of the Academy’s traditions of excellence and includes courses taught by many of our finest teachers.

Summer School runs from Monday, June 17, to Friday, July 26, 2019. Full-credit and half-credit courses run six weeks. Enrichment courses do not receive credit and run for three weeks. Explore Chicago! runs for one week. Classes meet  five days each week. Class size is limited to a maximum of 25 students and therefore some classes may close prior to the registration deadline. A course may also be cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

Course brochure and additional information will be available shortly.

New Junior High and Freshman Courses Available in 2019

  • Robotics
  • STEM Innovations to Environmental Problems
  • Summer Sleuths
  • Successful Foundation: Building Paragraphs

General Information

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  • Transportation

    Current PACE and CTA public transportation schedules can be found at and Ventra cards for reduced student fare permits for the CTA are available in the Business Office, Room 173.
  • Grades

    Grades earned by Loyola Academy students for credited courses become part of their permanent record and are averaged into a student’s cumulative average at the completion of Summer School.
  • Semester Exam Policy

    If a student is taking a course for full credit or half-credit, the student is required to be in attendance for both their first semester exam on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, and second semester exam on Friday, July 26. An excused absence from a semester exam requires documentation from a medical doctor. An unexcused absence from a semester exam will result in a grade of zero.
  • Attendance

    Regular attendance is imperative. Please do not ask for special consideration. Any student absent for more than twelve hours from a full-credit course or six hours from a half-credit course will be withdrawn from the course. No exceptions will be made for vacations or camps.

    There will be no refund of tuition when a student is dropped due to nonattendance. Loyola Academy must insist that students be present for semester exams. A doctor’s note will be required of students who are absent for final exams.
  • Calendar


    First day of classes

    Independence Day Holiday - No School

    Last day of classes
  • Class Hours

    PERIOD 1
    8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

    PERIOD 2
    10:10 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.

    All full-credit (four-hour) courses will meet periods 1 and 2 every day. Half-credit courses will meet periods 1 or 2 for six weeks, except where noted in the course description.

    Non-credited courses meet for three weeks, 2 hours per day, except where noted on the course description.
  • Credit

    All courses except enrichment courses for junior high and incoming freshmen and College JumpStart Workshop earn a half or full credit. Only courses Z191 English 1 Prep, Z311 Introduction to Algebra 1 and Z431 Geometry Prep may be taken on an audit basis.
  • Tuition

    All tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration unless other arrangements are made with the Loyola Academy Business Office. A full refund, minus a $50 registration fee, may be obtained if a student withdraws from a course before or during the first week of Summer School (June 17–June 21). A 65% refund, minus a $50 registration fee, may be obtained if a student withdraws from a course during the second week of Summer School (June 24– June 28). There will be no refunds after June 28.

    $1650 for full credit
    $825 for half credit

    $1750 for full credit
    $875 for half credit

    $375 per course

  • Registration

    Registration will be online only and will be available beginning Monday, January 28.

    for all courses except repeat courses and College JumpStart Workshop should be received by Friday, May 31. College JumpStart workshop will be accepted until Friday, July 26.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations for the regular academic year, as published in the Loyola Academy Student Handbook, apply to Summer School, except for some dress code regulations, as described below.

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  • Absence Reporting

    Illness is to be reported before 8:30 a.m. to the Summer School Office by phone at 847.920.2707. It is the responsibility of the student to stay current with his/her studies. Any deficiency in assignments, homework or testing must be resolved with the teacher. See our attendance policy under General Information.
  • Dress Regulations

    Student attire should be neat, clean and in good taste. All students must wear shoes or sandals with or without socks. All shorts must be of a length that is within three inches of the knee. Clothes that are torn, shredded, tattered, in rags, full of holes or in poor taste, regardless of their current popularity in fashion, are not considered acceptable wear. Hats are not to be worn in the building during the school day (8:00 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.). Rules for earrings and hair are as follows:

    Male Students — Earrings are not to be worn during the school day (8:00 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.). Violators will have their earrings confiscated by the teacher and turned over to the director of Summer School. The length of the hair should not exceed the collar and should be neat, clean and cut regularly. Ponytails are acceptable, if the length of the tail does not exceed the shirt collar. The face is to be shaved clean. Punk hairstyles are not acceptable.

    Female Students — Earrings may be worn on the ear and only on the ear. Female students will be limited to wearing a maximum of two earrings per ear. Hair is to be kept neat and clean. Punk hairstyles are not acceptable. Halters, off-the-shoulder, tube-style and exposed back tops are not allowed.
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  • Disciplinary Code Violations

    Serious violations of the Disciplinary Code may result in immediate dismissal from Summer School with consequent loss of credit and tuition. The following are considered serious violations of the Disciplinary Code; however, this is not an all-inclusive list:
    • Poor classroom behavior. 
    • Smoking on campus. Inside the building: Violators will be fined $25.00 for the first offense. Outside of the building: Violators will be fined $15.00 for the first offense. A second offense in either case may result in dismissal from Summer School.
    • Leaving campus during the school day. Students are not permitted in the parking lot during the school day (8:00 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.) except upon arrival to and departure from school. 
    • Speeding or reckless driving. 15 M.P.H. is the speed limit. 
    • Possession or use of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol or drug use or possession or possession of any drug related paraphernalia will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate dismissal from Summer School. 
    • Truancy from any class or part of a class.
  • Technology Use Policy

    See page 22 of Loyola’s Student Handbook for information on Loyola’s Technology Use Policy.

Contact the Summer School Office

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Our Mission

To form women and men for meaningful lives of leadership and service in imitation of Jesus Christ through a college preparatory education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.
Loyola Academy admits students of any race, color and national origin or ethnic origin.