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Seven-Week Commitment

The seven-week program provides students with an opportunity to engage in service for an entire quarter. Students commit to serve one day a week for seven-weeks at one of our many service sites. At these sites, students will work with the elderly, senior citizens with memory disorders, children in after-school programs, children who need tutoring, children/adults with disabilities, guests of soup kitchens and food pantries, or they can participate in service during their lunch period through the social justice awareness program Amnesty/Pax Christi USA.

2013-2014 Session Dates

Session 1
(Sept. 9 - Oct. 27)

Driver Sign-up Aug. 29-30

Open Sign-up Sept. 3-5

Orientation Sept. 6

Session 2
(Oct. 28 - Dec. 15)

Driver Sign-up Oct. 17-18

Open Sign-up Oct. 21-22

Orientation Oct. 25

Session 3
(Jan. 13 - Mar. 2)

Driver Sign-up Jan. 6-7

Open Sign-up Jan. 8-9

Orientation Jan. 10

Session 4
(Mar. 3 - April 15)

Driver Sign-up Feb. 20-21

Open Sign-up Feb. 24-25

Orientation Feb. 28


Map of our service sites

Children Elderly Soup Kitchen Disabilities Refugees


Service Site Descriptions

  • Elderly Care
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Children
  • In-School